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Trippy Moiré Oyster Earrings

Trippy Moiré Oyster Earrings

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These Trippy Moiré Oyster earrings will express your bold and unapologetic. The illusion of undulating waves is created by laser-engraving the surface with black lines. These unexpected earrings embody high fashion and have become an all-time favorite—the ultimate accessory for those who dare to be different. This batch is recycled from a local sign shop.

One earring weighs 0.2 oz,  1/8" thick acrylic, Length/Height: 2.3"

Kathleen went from designing logos for NBA stars to handcrafting jewelry for the fashion-forward. After fifteen years of directing design for brands like Nike, Adidas and T-Mobile, K.G. put her advertising career on hold in search of a more artistic path—one that offered creativity without compromise. Her jewelry hobby led to an artist residency at Savannah College of Art & Design, catapulting her into the world of contemporary jewelry. 


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