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Clyfford Still Museum

Tote: A Decade in Denver

Tote: A Decade in Denver

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Our white denim Boho tote that celebrates the Museum being a decade in Denver and gives a sneak peek of a beautiful image from our first Clyfford Still Museum Children's book "Colorfully Courageous Clyfford Still" that will be available for pre-sale on Nov. 1st, 2022.

Artist, Jonathan Saiz often-apocalyptic work and themes reflect the duality of the artist’s fascination with optimistic irreverence and a foreshadowing of darker things to come. Man-made climate-change, supernatural unknowns and all the social and spiritual upheaval that accompanies them. His varied subject matter, explored like an intuitive stream-of-consciousness with scores of miniature paintings, drawings and sculptures, add up to glossy, candy-coated visual narratives imbued with existential dread.

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