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Clyfford Still Museum

The Early Years: Clyfford Still in Canada, 1920-1933

The Early Years: Clyfford Still in Canada, 1920-1933

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This publication illustrates the extraordinary but largely unknown early development and legacy of Clyfford Still’s artistic practices in two distinctive geographical settings, Bow Island (1920-25) and Killam, Alberta (1925-33).  Despite environmental contrasts and the relative sophistication of Still’s work of the later 1920s, both his Bow Island and Killam images convey youthful lived experience in a familiar and comfortable environment—standing apart from Still’s later preoccupation with the uncanny and sublime.


This catalog also comes in a deluxe three-box set, which includes The Colville Reservation and Beyond, 1934-1939 and A Light of His Own, 1920-1933 catalogs as well.

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