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Hatje Cantz

Roni Horn (English and German Edition)

Roni Horn (English and German Edition)

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Based on the holdings of the Goetz Collection in Munich, and accompanying a 2013 exhibition there, this volume offers a concise Roni Horn overview. It includes Horn’s best-known series, such as You Are the WeatherTo Placea.k.a.Some Thames and Cloud and Clown. Throughout these sequences, Horn’s abiding motifs recur: water, weather, her adoptive home of Iceland, and more formal qualities such as repetition and permutation. The book shows how Horn’s major works can be experienced in ever-new constellations, arrangements and contrasts within the exhibition context. Also included here is a collection of key writings by Horn--“Making Being Here Enough,” “I Can’t See the Arctic Circle from Here,” “My Oz,” “Island Frieze,“ “When Dickinson Shut Her Eyes” and “Simple and Complete”--plus an interview with the artist conducted by James Lingwood.


216 pages

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