• Repeat/Recreate: Clyfford Still's "Replicas"

    Clyfford Still Museum

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    A comprehensive examination of a little-known practice in Clyfford Still’s work, Repeat/Recreate provides a greater understanding of Still’s stylistic processes and the underpinnings of his darkly magnetic art. In the process, this catalogue challenges the popular understanding of abstract expressionism as an outpouring of impulsive creativity. This handsome edition, published by the Clyfford Still Museum Research Center, contains more than thirty full-color plates as well as essays by David Anfam, senior consulting curator at the Clyfford Still Museum; and Neal Benezra, director of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

    Hardcover, 120 pages

    Photo by Trevr Merchant

    Repeat/Recreate: Clyfford Still's "Replicas"

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