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Redline Contemporary Art Center

Reach Core Artists Card Set

Reach Core Artists Card Set

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Note Card Sets/4 different artworks + a bonus card.

Reach is a program where people can engage in a free open studio format that is collaborative and inclusive. It is a sacred time that serves as a break from the world's hardships and allows participants an opportunity to explore creativity and self-expression.  Reach's open studio format is Non-instructive art making time that occurs 3 days a week to groups hosted by our community partners who typically support individuals experiencing financial hardship, housing insecurity, or are in recovery from substance abuse. Purchasing of artwork supports the Reach program and artists who are committed to their creative practice and living beyond the limits of their past lives. 

Set of 4 note cards, 1 of each artwork

Artists featured in this set:

Leticia Tanguma


Quantum Keyhole Studios

Tiffany Medina Thomas

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