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Everyday Art Cards

Mindfulness Deck (Nine Worlds)

Mindfulness Deck (Nine Worlds)

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The Still Museum's STILLness: Meditation in the Galleries, is one of our favorite programs and this product is a great addition to "do it yourself" at home.

This 9 Worlds Mindfulness Deck is an elegant way to bring inspirational art and mindful living into your home decor.

Each of the 55 original pictures are fused with healing energies of nature to spark spirituality and bring bits of beauty into your home. Pick and place an art card daily to set an intention. This simple self-care ritual can enhance your every day with new found inspiration and overall wellness.  

  • Gift a friend with the healing elements in nature. Share the inspiration of water, fire, metal, earth and wood.
  • Enjoy art and nature in the home for enhanced relaxation. 
  • For the spiritually minded, use Everyday Art Cards as oracle cards to enhance intuition

Nine Worlds Wellness Cards contain:

  • 45 Art cards of classical and contemporary images with an empowering message
  • 9 Text cards that outline the basic concepts of Feng Shui elements: water, fire, metal, earth and wood
  • 1 Introduction card
  • 1 Box with magnetic closure to perfectly contain the cards
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