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Heavenly Creatures was $50

Heavenly Creatures was $50

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Internationally renowned artist, Sally Gall's attention and focus is devoted skyward in her highly-anticipated artist book, Heavenly Creatures, as she appreciates the ephemeral beauty of delicate earthbound objects lofted up into the air and wind.

Gall creates dancing images from below of an everyday sight of laundry on the line as it morphs from human to abstract; bright and billowing clothing, choreographed by the wind, and floating in a brilliant sky.

Beyond our reach and higher up, Gall creates images out of the skyward movement of kites, cloth and paper flying machines, fragile objects connected to earth by only the slightest of strings, animated by the wind, and striving ever upwards.

Heavenly Creatures continues Sally Gall's lifetime investigation of the sensual properties of the natural world: light, air, wind, and sky. Abstracted by composition, context, and color, these anthropomorphic photographs reference sea creatures, constellations, blooming flowers, microscopic amoebas, as well as abstract paintings by Joan Miro, Wassily Kandinsky, Georgia O'Keefe. Heavenly Creatures embodies Sally Gall's search for poetry in the everyday, the miraculous in the ordinary.


104 pages

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