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Fair Anita

Fair Anita Jewelry Summer 24

Fair Anita Jewelry Summer 24

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Thanks for being here.  Fair Anita believe that each and every person has the power to create positive change in the world.  Where you shop matters, and speaks volumes about the kind of world you want to see. When you shop with brands that align with your values, you play a part in changing how businesses operate, how sustainability is practiced, and creating more equitable global trade. Keep it up, changemaker!

At Fair Anita, they're challenging norms within the fashion industry and creating supply chains in the most ethical way we can imagine: investing in women and centering makers throughout every part of the process. They believe accessories should be stylish, affordable, and thoughtfully-sourced. They go beyond fair wages, investing in the individuals who breathe life into each of our products. 

They could not be changing the future of fashion without their artisan partners. As changemakers, they are on the ground making a positive impact both at home and within their local communities.  These cooperatives prioritize the full humanity of each artisan: paying 2-4x minimum wage, plus health insurance and educational scholarships. They're innovators in using sustainable, often recycled materials, and they're constantly adapting to meet the ever-changing needs of their beloved communities.

Thank you for being part of our community and choosing jewelry + accessories that contribute to creating change around the globe.

THEIR STORY joy and anitaFair Anita was built on a vision-- one where women and girls can grow up feeling safe, respected, and valued no matter their geography. We partner with 8,000 super-talented women around the world, striving to build a more inclusive economy for women. 

They are named after a social worker in Chimbote, Peru, Senora Anita. where the founder Joy, had the tremendous privilege of living with Anita (many times!), and she taught Joy so much about what economic development looks like on the ground and how women can be real change makers, especially when given economic opportunities. Anita is completely adored by her community and she’s known by everyone as a very fair and empathetic human: the kind of leader Joy certainly aspire to be.

Together, Anita and Fair Anita explored the power of agency, and how true agency can positively affect one’s mental health, well-being, and identity-formation. This was true for Joy, for sure: after first experiencing rape as a senior in high school, Joy knew she needed to impact the lives of fellow survivors in order to reclaim some of her own personal agency. After learning in 2009 that Peru had the highest reported rate of domestic violence in the world, Joy was able to work and live alongside a group of incredibly talented local women in Chimbote, Peru to build a battered women’s shelter. It was through this experience that Joy met Anita, and they formed what has become a life-long friendship and partnership. 

When they started Fair Anita in 2015, few people were talking about violence against women, and they knew they wanted to be a resource for survivors, both the silenced and outspoken. They learned that financial insecurity is the #1 reason why women stay in abusive partnerships, so they started Fair Anita with this in mind, staying grounded in supporting women's resiliency and lessons from Anita. 

Continuous Line Art Earrings Wildflower - Crafted from upcycled brass with a touch of gold glam, these funky earrings are a fashion statement and also a guilt-free treat! Ethically made and traded, these beauties are a must-have for an all-year-round touch of luxury! Made from gold-plated recycled brass. Nickel-free. Measures 3.5”.

Sol Statement Earrings - They're not just any old dangles; they're a party waiting to happen in your ears! Made with the utmost care and high ethical standards - we're talking fair trade and ethically made.Made from recycled brass. Nickel-free. Measures 3.5” long

Viper Snake Cuff Bracelet  - What's your vibe with this sassy serpent bracelet? Egyptian goddess, Reputation Swifty, or badass with an attitude? Adjustable bracelet. Made from recycled brass-plated or silver-plated metal. Nickel-free.

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