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Calcomanías "stickers" de muñecas para el Día del niño/2

Calcomanías "stickers" de muñecas para el Día del niño/2

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Two cute doll stickers illustrated by Leticia Dominguez, a local to Denver who enjoys screen printing, drawing, painting, playing cello, gardening, baking, knitting, and sewing. These sticker puppets are inspired by Leticia’s experience and cultural background.

“The Illustration of the dolls comes from traditional toys that are often given to young Mexican children. I remember having a muñeca (ragdoll) as a child and loved the brightly colored dress and ribbons in her hair and played with her often. This doll in combination with an unusual birthday party celebration inspired this project. 

When I was about 7 years old, my mother had my birthday at the Denver Puppet Theater. This was a unique and fun birthday that I remember fondly. We watched a puppet (marionette) show and afterward, we made our own puppets similar to the ones being made here. After we were done creating our puppets we were allowed to play in the castle and play area and have our own shows! 

During my birthday celebration not only did I get to learn a little bit about puppetry but I learned about how important it was in many cultures, especially Mesoamerican culture. With my illustration and this workshop, I hope to keep this ancient tradition that predates colonialism alive and well for future generations.”

Measurements: 2"x3.5"

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