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Dar Chocolate

Dar Chocolate Art Bar

Dar Chocolate Art Bar

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Support the Museum by eating chocolate! Find a golden ticket and get 25% off on regular merchandise.

About the company: At DAR Chocolate, they delight not only in making delicious sweet treats that are organically and fair-trade sourced, but also in the fact that they are Colorado Proud. From top to bottom, they are committed to supporting our local economy.

Ecuador 72% - Single origin beans sourced from Ecuador. Experience the true flavor of cacao in this dark chocolate, 72% cacao. Sweetened with coconut sugar. Chocolatey and nutty notes. Crafted from meticulously selected cacao, and few and organic ingredients.

Hibiscus 72%- Dark chocolate infused with Hibiscus essence, with delicately crunchy Hibiscus flower petals embedded in the bar, lending it delightfully refined tangy notes. 72% cacao, sweetened with coconut sugar. Crafted from meticulously selected cacao, and few and organic ingredients.

Ethically Traded ~ Certified Organic Cacao ~ Gluten Free ~ Vegan. Store in a cool, dry and shaded place. 

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