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Candylab Cars

Candylab Cars

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Did you know that Still loved his cars?

Portrait of Clyfford Still near the Westminster farm, with Jaguar, ca. 1965 - 1966. Photographer unknown. Courtesy the Clyfford Still Archives.

The Candylab Toy Company makes the most detailed, minimally and beautifully designed wooden toy cars on the market. Solid beech, water based paints and perfectly engineered accessories will combine into wondrous toys.

The lumber always comes from well-managed forests with a growth rate exceeding the harvest rate over a given territory. All paper and cardboard packaging, non-toxic paints and they do not skimp on the design! They believe in the extensive use of natural materials, unique craftsmanship, and steadfast adherence to principles of the mid-century pioneers of modern design: great design should be accessible, and not reserved for luxury status.

With a deep love for vintage automotive design, boxy shapes, and a simplistic approach to design: Candylab DNA was born. Loved by children and collectors alike, our wooden cars look incredible on a desk at work OR your fireplace mantle! A toy that will stand the test of time in aesthetics and physical materials is always our priority.

Yellow Taxi A cute 3 inches long. Reminisce about the times when hailing a ride and elbowing out a stranger was required to get around NYC. 

New York Van Times - Breaking news! This van was inspired by The New York Times blue-and-white delivery vehicles that plied the tri-state roads more than 35 years ago. Made of solid wood, and limited quantities available.

Police Car - A cute 3 inches long. A tiny sheriff to keep an eye on your tiny town.

Unicorn 2.0 - Don't be a neigh-sayer - adding this mystical van to your collection is a no-brainer!

Coyote PickupRace you to the Lone Cactus Motel! Pair this pickup with one of the campers for your next long haul through the desert.

El Caminito Pickup - Party in the front and another party in the back! Grab this tiny and timeless classic for your next cruise down to the boardwalk.

Pizza Van - Pepperoni, Hawaiian, or just plain cheese – this Pizza Van is cooking up the best pies in the CANDYCAR® World.  Wood fired from a wooden van, Enzo’s can’t be beat. Try it for yourself!

Sheriff Truck - Outlaws (and donuts) beware - there's a new sheriff in town.  This tiny enforcer is outfitted with a new realistic grill decal and an emergency light bar with real metal.

Surf Wagon - Swell times are guaranteed with the Surf Wagon. An attached wooden surf board and tow hitch for our CANDYCAR® Campers make for a radical combo.  Camper compatible.

Luggage Wagon - Pack your boxes we are moving across the country! This small but mighty wagon is sturdy enough for any road trip. Finished with a bright orange paint job and shinning white wheels, it’s sure to get you there in style.  Camper compatible.

Rio Grande Mule - If you’re looking to go on an adventure through wild and remote areas of New Mexico our Mule Rio Grande will get you exactly where you need to go. Alternatively, if you’re a homebody our Bronze Orange Mule will also look quite lovely on a shelf. Camper compatible.

Mississippi Mule - Can you say Mule Mississippi 5 times fast? This Royal Blue Mule Mississippi is not only a tongue twister but it is a jaw-dropper. Camper compatible.

Mini Zebra Drifter - This Americana Drifter was such a hit we had to create a mini-me. Ready for the next mountain adventure this tiny truck is geared up with a 5th wheel for that flat tire that we wish we would never get.

Pinecone Camper - Don’t be fooled by this little rig. Our Pinecone Camper is ready to hitch up to our new Mules and take on the wilderness by storm. Magnetically attaches to some of the CANDYCAR® vehicles.

Airstream Camper - With an instantly recognizable shape and timeless aluminum exterior, the Airstream® is an absolute icon of American road culture. That’s exactly why they paired up with Airstream® to package their adventurous spirit into an adorable CANDYCAR® Camper!

Taco ShackYou know by now that we worship out Taco Truck. So much so that we decided their business needs to expand with a proper Roadside ShackIt is scaled to work with our CANDYCAR® line. A step-by-step manual is also included to help with setup. *Does not include van or other food shack signs. No glue or tools are required. Assembly time is measured in seconds.

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