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Clyfford Still Museum

Black Lives Matter Inspired Gifts and Merchandise

Black Lives Matter Inspired Gifts and Merchandise

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BLM inspired items by Quána Madison, a loved Educator and Artist at Clyfford Still Museum. 

Black Lives Matter is a call to action in response to rampant and deliberate state-sanctioned violence and anti-Black racism. This movement seeks justice, liberation and peace in our communities. The Black Lives Matter movement is committed to healing ourselves, empathy, restorative practice and co-creation with our friends, allies, families and villages of caring folks. One aspect of experiencing peace is healing invisible wounds related to experiences of suffering and intergenerational suffering caused by violence, hate and systemic state sanctioned racism. Growing up, I rarely saw any images of Black women in art, print media and pop culture. Or in the few instances I did see black women in art, ---they were positioned in problematic and very racist ways. I decided to insert myself and images of Black women into my art from this space of love, worth, beauty and inner peace. Black and Brown people are beautiful, valuable and worthy. 

Love Coasters. Title: Love, 2020. Mixed Media Collage Painting on 4 x 4 Inch Wood Panel.  Self-esteem is an important seed to sow in our gardens of inner peace. Cultivating healthy self-esteem is a living and life long practice. Taking regular actions that nourish our inner peace gardens is an expression of LOVE. 

Dance Sticker. Title: Dance of Self-Love. Mixed Media Collage. The Act of Self-Love is a dance between the different versions of yourself that exist moment to moment. 

Empowered Sticker.  Title: Empowered Self-portrait, 2020.  Materials: Mixed Media Collage 

The Black Lives Matter Movement gives me hope, inspires me and energizes me to keep taking steps for justice, liberation and peace. 

Quána Madison

Profits are allocated to the Artist and the BLM Foundation

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