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Bird of Virtue

Bird of Virtue Jewelry

Bird of Virtue Jewelry

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Bird of Virtue jewelry is handmade by Bay-area artist Linnea Oliver. Inspired by geometric elements found in the everyday – architecture, nature, travel, urban life – Linnea's collections reflect her love for mid-century design + pay tribute to the simple, quiet elegance of her Scandinavian heritage. Meticulously hand-painted and made of 65-percent up-cycled acrylics. 

Ulla Earring - Matte finish acrylic earrings with metallic line work. Engraved lines on both front + back sides giving the pattern a 3D effect. Frost color is shiny on front, with matte backs. Grey color is matte finished on both sides. Measures 3/4" W x 2" L and finished on hand-formed gold-fill {g} or bright sterling silver {ssear wires. Eco-friendly and made from pre-consumer up cycled material. 

Osa/Oda Earrings (Mis-Matched Geometric Dangle) - one set. Transparent handpainted acrylic, dangling from gold-fill {g} or oxidized sterling silver {s} Rolo chain. Measure approximately .5” w x 3.5" l with chain. 

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