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Polepole Dinosaurs

Polepole Dinosaurs

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Slowly carved in natural wood (Falcata), these dinosaurs are perfect for supervised play or decor. Polepole means "slowly" in Swahili, as each piece is hand crafted with beautiful details making every one a unique collectible. Created by Tea Lab (T-lab) that uses the trees they plant on their own farmland but also plants them as a way to give back to the earth.

T-lab Polepole dinosaur Velociraptor - size : 9 / 3.5 / 6.5 H (cm)

T-lab Polepole dinosaur Triceratops - size : 9 / 3.3 / 5.2 H (cm)

T-lab Polepole dinosaur Spinosaurus - Size: 9.5 / 3.5/ 6H (cm)

T-lab Polepole dinosaur Brachiosaurus - size : 9 / 3.5 / 7.3 H (cm)

This item is not considered a toy, but considered a craft item. For that reason. If used to play, adult supervision required. 

Care Instructions: 

Wipe clean with dry cloth as the use of water may remove paint.


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