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Name Dropping: The Cedar Bar in the 1950s

Name Dropping: The Cedar Bar in the 1950s

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First-person account of the famous New York City Cedar Bar in the 1950s when it was regularly visited by what came to be known as the "greatest generation in American art history." The author was friends with Willem DeKooning, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Philip Guston and Franz Kline. In this short book he describes what these giants of the American art world were really like when they relaxed among friends in their favorite neighborhood hangout. You'll also see how they viewed art criticism as nothing more than profound twaddle -- but appreciated nonetheless for being impressively complimentary, whatever the hell it meant. An impressionistic view of a time and place that no longer exists. You won't view these artists the same way again, but every word is true.


50 pages

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