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Clyfford Still Museum

Hand-drawn Stickers by Local Artist

Hand-drawn Stickers by Local Artist

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Imaginative hand-drawn stickers by local Artist Hannah Parrott from Denver, Colorado. Clyfford Still inspire us in many different ways.


Museum building and Clyfford against flagpole (two stickers)

Clyfford's face and signature 

A young mind 

Artist's bio:

Hi, I’m Hannah! 

I’m an experimental artist based out of the Denver area.
Artist on days off, I’m currently a barista/bartender on my days on.
Originally from Michigan, my newfound love for the mountains is my never-ending inspiration.
Nature and adventure is art in my eyes. The intricate designs of plants, the sky, the mountains - all a beautiful creation, made by a perfect creator.
I love to capture it in whichever form I can, so you’ll see my pieces tend to mimic our call to adventure and beauty.
Although I’m currently working with ink and digitally, I love all art forms. From photography, acrylics, and charcoal, all the way to simple DIY projects.
Anything you create that brings you joy should be considered an art!
So go and experiment.
​Find what you love, and enjoy it!


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