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All purchases support the legacy of one of the most important and fiercely independent American painters of the 20th century.

The Clyfford Still Museum Shop's goal is to complement the Museum visit and to be a trusted resource for art related merchandise.

Products sold reflect the mission, collection, exhibitions and public programs of the Museum, and we also offer related items that might be of interest to our many audiences. We develop custom products that represent the spirit of Clyfford Still, nurture creativity and present new ideas and design. Most of our special products are original, handmade or locally produced. We strive to collaborate with local artists/artisans/vendors that support a sustainable environment. We also use less plastic, recycle, and internally generate less waste.

The Shop aims to encourage curiosity about art and abstract expressionism, conversation about creativity, connections with humanities and to inspire the shoppers to dig deeper into the world of Clyfford Still and fine art as a whole.

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